CS240h Final project

The final lab assignment for the class is to undertake a mini research project of your choice involving Haskell in a group of 1-3 people. At the end of the term, in addition to the code, you will turn in a short (4-8 page) paper describing your project. You will also present and demo your results in a mini-conference held during the class's final exam period, Thursday, December 15 12:15pm-3:15pm. Lunch will be provided. Make sure you can attend this final exam, as your group's presentation will be an important part of your final grade.

If your project overlaps with your research, this is not a problem. We actually encourage this. However, if your final project overlaps with a project for another class (including an independent study you are taking for credit), you must obtain permission from the instructor of the other class in an email CCed to the CS240h staff mailing list.

Any of the papers or techniques we discuss in class can be used as a inspiration for a project. Here are a few more specific ideas. This list will gradually expand as the course staff thinks of more suggestions. You are by no means limited to the list.