CS140 Lab 0 -- Due Thursday, Jan. 6

This lab requires you to do simple steps to prepare for CS140. Many of you will already have done these steps and so don't need to do anything. For the rest of you, it is critical that you complete these steps by the time the first assignment goes out. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to stay on top of the other lab assignments.

  1. Obtain a SUNet ID if you do not already have one. Make sure you can log in to the corn.stanford.edu and myth.stanford.edu Unix computing clusters with ssh.
  2. Access the su.class.cs140 usenet newsgroup. You can do this by:
    • logging into one of the Unix computing machines and running a news reader (tin, trn, emacs -f gnus, ...), which may require you to set the NNTPSERVER environment variable to usenet.stanford.edu,
    • following the instructions here and here on configuring thunderbird to use SSL and authentication, or
    • tunneling to a Stanford IP address through ssh (e.g., run ssh -N -L 1119:usenet.stanford.edu:119 and then access NNTP through TCP port 1119 on localhost).

    Due to popular demand, we are going to try using a Google group instead of Usenet. Please subscribe to the Google group by either:

    1. Emailing cs140-11wi+subscribe@googlegroups.com, or
    2. Clicking on the "Join this group" link on the group home page.

To complete lab 0, please find a message with subject "Completing lab 0" in the su.class.cs140 newsgroup.