CS140 lecture notes

  1. Introduction [6up, src], type.c
  2. Processes & Threads [6up, src], minish.c, redirsh.c, pipesh.c
  3. Concurrency [6up, src]
  4. Scheduling [6up, src]
  5. Advanced scheduling [6up, src]
  6. Synchronization [6up, src]
  7. Linking [6up, src]
  8. Virtual memory HW [6up, src]
  9. Virtual memory OS [6up, src]
  10. Memory allocation [6up, src]
  11. I/O and disks [6up, src]
  12. File systems [6up, src]
  13. Advanced file systems [6up, src]
  14. Networking [6up, src]
  15. Network file systems [6up, src]
  16. Protection [6up, src]
  17. Security [6up, src]
  18. Virtual machines [6up, src]
  19. Belay

Section Notes

  1. Project 1 (slides), Git Notes, Pro Git Book
  2. Project 2 [6up]
  3. Midterm Review [6up]
  4. Project 3 [6up]

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