G22.3250 lecture notes

  1. Introduction, System calls and sockets
  2. Architecture & OS issues, Anderson paper
  3. Threads, Scheduler activations
  4. Disk arm scheduling, Flash
  5. Virtual memory, Appel & Li
  6. Scheduling, Stride scheduling (hierarchical stride scheduling picture)
  7. Receive livelock
  8. TCP/IP, Afterburner
  9. Buffer caching, UBM
  10. RPC/XDR, NFS3, and FFS
  11. XFS
  12. Exokernel
  13. Memory consistency
  14. Petal, Frangipani
  15. Amoeba
  16. Network objects
  17. Replication, Ficus
  18. DDS
  19. Causal order, Bayou
  20. Cryptography, Taos
  21. BFS
  22. DNS, Consistent hashing
  23. Peer-to-peer, Scribe
  24. Closing remarks

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Tips on printing slides. To print several PDF slides to a page, you can run the following commands on Unix after downloading a PDF file, say l1.pdf:

% acroread -toPostScript l1.pdf
% psnup -pletter -l -4 l1.ps | lpr

Permission hereby granted for anyone to copy, modify, and redistribute any lecture notes from this class.