P2P plagiarism detector.
Elif Tosun and Ben Wellington

SUNDR: Secure UNtrusted Data Repository.
Jinyuan Li

Eliminating redundant transfers in high-availability file sharing.
Petar Maymounkov and Chris Sun

A Distributed Cooperative Buffer Cache.
Chris Decoro, Harper Langston, and Jeremy Weinberger

Eraser: portable data race detector.
Kranthi Gade and Prashant Puniya

A Peer-to-Peer Multicast Scheme for Streaming Data.
Antonio Nicolosi and Siddartha Annapureddy

Standardized Parallel Signcryption using PSEP.
Shabsi Walfish and Anshuman Rawat

Network Objects in C++.
Po-yen (Dennis) Huang and Dong-Rong Wen