V22.0480-005 lecture notes

  1. Intro
  2. Socket programming, type.c, minish.c, redirsh.c, fetch_store.c, udpecho.c
  3. Direct link networks
  4. Switched networks
  5. Switches, Switch scheduling
  6. DNS
  7. IP and TCP
  8. NIC Drivers, Afterburner
  9. Routing
  10. Peering and IPv6
  11. Congestion
  12. QoS
  13. Error detection/Quiz review
  14. RPC, fadd example
  15. Multicast
  16. Caching
  17. Compression
  18. Replication
  19. Wireless networks
  20. Cryptography
  21. Security
  22. Web security
  23. P2P Systems, DHTs
  24. P2P Multicast & Filesystems, P2P CDNs
  25. Concluding remarks

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