Computer System Security schedule

Please read the papers before the lecture for which they are assigned.
Week of Tuesday
Jan 17
Jan 21


Handouts: Protection (Not required reading, but may be a useful reference), Why chosen ciphertext security matters.

Jan 24
Jan 28

Building systems with cryptography

Read: Password authentication,
Prudent Engineering Practice (PS version).

Handout: Client Authentication on the Web.

Jan 31
Feb 4

Key management & User authentication

Read: Certificate Chain Discovery,

Handout: Self-certifying file system.

Feb 7
Feb 11

Information flow & Mandatory Access Control

Read: Orange book (skim this),
VMM security kernel.

Feb 14
Feb 18

Secure operating systems

Read: TAOS (PS version),

Handout: KeyKOS.

Feb 21
Feb 25

"Trusted" Computing/Midterm Review

Read: XOM,

Handout: AEGIS, (PS Version).

Feb 28
Mar 4
Midterm Exam
Mar 7
Mar 11

Software Bugs

Read: Detection of buffer overruns,
Inferring errors in systems code,
Address space randomization.

Mar 14
Mar 18
Spring Break
March 14-19
Mar 21
Mar 25


Read: Software fault isolation,
Proof carrying code,
Security Architectures for Java,
Java security.

Mar 28
Apr 1
NYU drop date Monday 3/28

Dealing with compromise

Read: Byzantine fault tolerance.

Handouts: SFSRO,

Apr 4
Apr 8

Network Security

Read: Listen and Whisper.

Handout: TCP attack,
DNS attack,
Denial of service.

Apr 11
Apr 15


Read: Dynamic Taint Analysis.

Handout: Code Red,

Apr 18
Apr 22

Anonymity and Privacy

Read: Crowds.


Apr 25
Apr 29

Other System Failures/Final review

Read: Electronic Voting,
SSH timing.

Handout: Why Cryptosystems Fail.

May 2
May 6
Reading Day
May 3
May 9
May 13
Final Exam
May 10?