Jinyuan  Li

Secure Computer Systems Group
Advisor: David Mazières

353 Serra Mall, Room 288
Computer Science Department, Stanford Univ.
Stanford, CA, 94305
jinyuan AT scs dot stanford dot edu
photo credit: Jian Liu

  My research interests are in operating systems, distributed systems and their security implications.

  Decentralized Deduplication in SAN Cluster File Systems
  Austin Clements, Irfan Ahmad, Murali Vilayannur, and Jinyuan Li.
  2009 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC '09)
  San Diego, CA. June, 2009.
[paper: pdf]

  Beyond One-third Faulty Replicas in Byzantine Fault Tolerant Systems
  Jinyuan Li and David Mazières.
  Proceedings of the 4th Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI '07)
  Cambridge, MA. April, 2007.
[paper: pdf, ps]

  Secure Untrusted Data Repository (SUNDR)
  Jinyuan Li, Maxwell Krohn, David Mazières, and Dennis Shasha.
  Proceedings of the 6th Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI '04)
  San Francisco, CA. December, 2004.
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  Multipath Delay Estimation in Asynchronous DS-CDMA Systems
  Min Tang, Jinyuan Li, Run Cai, Jianfeng Shen, Zongxin Wang, and Zhengcai Bian.
  Journal of Fudan University (Natural Science) Vol. 42, No.1, p45-50. February, 2003.

  I received my Ph.D. degree from Computer Science Department, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University in September 2006. Before that, I got B.Eng. from Electrical Engineering Department, School of Information Sciences, Fudan University, Shanghai in July 2001.

  Travel: (in some random order) Barcelona, Kyoto, Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo, Machu Picchu, London and planning more.