Distributed Storage Systems

This class will examine file system implementation, low-level database storage techniques, and distributed programming. Lectures will cover basic file system structures, journaling and logging, I/O system performance, RAID, the RPC abstraction, and numerous systems illustrating these concepts. Programming assignments will make the topics more concrete. In a final project, students will build a real, functioning UNIX file system. Topics: file systems, distributed computing, replication and consistency, crash recovery. Students will have access to dedicated equipment for the assignments and projects.

Complete source is available for all software used in the labs, including libraries, daemons, and tester programs. The lab web pages contain links to source for individual utilities, or you can find all source files in ~class/src/.

Time: Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-4:45PM
Room: 719 Broadway, 12th floor
Class mailing list: fsclass@class.scs.cs.nyu.edu
Instructor: David Mazières
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Telephone: (212) 998-3492
Office hours: Tuesday 4:45-5:45PM, 715 Broadway #708
(I'm happy to meet outside of office hours; send me mail or drop by.)