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Stephen M. Rumble

About Me

I'm a student in the Secure Computer Systems group. I work on various systems projects with my labmates, "rockstar" ""advisor"", and others.

Prior to Stanford I was an undergraduate at the University of Toronto, where I worked with Michael Brudno and his students on a DNA sequence alignment toolkit, and was also involved with the SnowFlock project. At some point I spent a year in southern Germany at Universität Ulm, in hopes of avoiding computers and learning German, but miserably failed in both respects.


Quals aside, I work mainly on the following projects: I also used to work to varying degrees on the following:


Nobody is perfect, especially academics. So before I try to impress you with my obligatory publication list, let's look at things that went not so well.


Stuff and Junk

Here are a few little utilities that Stanfordites/SCPDers may find useful:

Past and Present

Leland Stanford Junior University Universitaet Ulm University of Toronto