CS240h lecture notes

  1. Basics [slides, source]
  2. Slides from previous lecture include this lecture, starting at slide 28
  3. Memory [slides, source]
  4. Testing [slides, source]
  5. Concurrency [slides, source]
  6. Zippers [slides, source]
  7. Phantoms and mutants [slides, source]
  8. Monoids and fingertrees
  9. Monads and more [slides, source]
  10. Iteratees [slides, source]
  11. Information flow control [slides, source]
  12. Parsing and continuations [slides, source]
  13. Performance [slides, source]
  14. Folds and parallelism [slides, source]
  15. A Haskell Compiler [slides, source]
  16. Library level optimization [slides, source]
  17. Gnarly language extensions [slides, source]
  18. Johan Tibell's guest lecture
  19. Generic programming [slides, source]

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