Picture of Nickolai Zeldovich

Nickolai Zeldovich

Postdoctoral Scholar
Secure Computer Systems group,
Computer Science department,
Stanford University


nickolai at cs stanford edu

Gates Building, Room 288
353 Serra Mall
Stanford, CA  94305
(650) 996-4201

Starting in September 2008, I will be working at MIT.


I'm currently working on HiStar, an operating system designed to minimize the amount of trusted code. Here's a short article about HiStar from the School of Engineering at Stanford.

In the past, I worked on the Collective, a virtual machine-based computing infrastructure providing security, ease of management, and mobility. This project transformed into a startup company called Moka5.

As an undergraduate and Master's student at MIT's PDOS research group, I worked on the Click router, and on multi-processor execution of event-driven programs.


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