CS244b: Distributed Systems

Autumn 2014

Final project presentations will take place from 4pm-10pm Thursday, December 11 in Gates B-01. Please see the presentation schedule.

Lecture: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:15-3:30pm, Gates B-03
Mailing List/Discussion Forum
All discussions would take place in the google group. Sign up onto the mailing list at the earliest.
Staff list:
Instructor: Dawson Engler
Office hours:Tu/Th 3:30:5:00pm or by appt
Address: Gates Hall, Room 314
Instructor: David Mazières
Office hours: Tuesday 11/18 1:15-2:15pm, Thursday 12/4 3:30-4:30pm
Address: Gates, Room 290
Phone: (415) 490-9451
TA: Ali Mashtizadeh
Office hours: MW 2-4PM
Address: Gates, Room 288
TA: Sumedh Sawant
Office hours: TTh 11-1PM
Address: Gates, Room B26B
Phone: (732) 306-4570
TA: Vignesh Ganapathi-Subramanian
Office hours: M(12.30am-2pm),F(3.30pm-6pm)
Address: Gates, Room B24B
Phone: (650) 387-7535