CS244b final project presentations

Presentations will be held Thursday, December 11, Gates B-01. Each group will have at most 6 minutes to present and show a demo. The remaining time will be allocated for questions. (We are budgeting an average of 2 minutes of questions per group, but expect there to be some variance.)

4:00pm - People who prefer going early

4:49pm - break

5:00pm - Low-level abstractions

5:49pm - break

6:00pm - Key-value stores

6:15pm - Dinner (overlaps with previous talks)

6:29pm - Profiling and performance monitoring

6:58pm - Music

7:22pm - break

7:30pm - RAFT

7:54pm - break

8:04pm - Applications

8:53pm break

9:03pm Storage

Other arrangements