This is the home page of the Stanford Secure Computer Systems group (a part of the Stanford Computer Science Department).

Group Leaders
PhD Students
Current Projects
  • LFI -- efficient and secure software sandboxing
  • Karl -- home data center for pure-local data privacy policy
  • Fast and fair decentralized asset exchanges
  • FDCI -- Future of Digital Currency Initiative
Past Projects
  • tcpcrypt -- A TCP option for ubiquitous transport-layer encryption
  • Hails -- A web framework for securely executing third-party apps
  • Ori File System -- A Distributed Secure File System
  • Safe Haskell -- A security orientated extension to Haskell
  • COWL -- A confinement system for the Web
  • DUNE -- Virtualized, extensible OS as a kernel module
  • Asbestos -- An operating system that contains the harm of insecure code
  • CoralCDN -- The Coral Content Distribution Network
  • Cinder -- A resource-centric OS for constrained mobile/cellular systems
  • HiStar -- An OS that minimizes privileged code
  • Mail Avenger -- The Spam extermination project
  • OASIS -- Anycast for Any Service
  • Shark -- A secure cooperative-caching file system